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You have found the Social Health Connector, a tool of No Wrong Door Virginia. Thank you for being here.

Relationships with people you care about and communities where you feel valued are important parts of your health and wellbeing.

This tool is designed to help you think about what social connections are right for you based on in your life right now.

After you submit your questions, you will receive your personalized Social Health Connection Plan.

Generated from your unique answers, Your Plan will recognize areas of your life where you experience positive social connection. It will also show you areas of your life where you can consider improving your social connections.

If you live in Virginia, you will also receive a customized list of community places where you can take the next steps in your social connection journey.

Remember, the more information you include in your answers, the more helpful Your Plan will be.
After you are done you can print, download, or save Your Plan. To save Your Plan and return to it any time, create your Easy Access profile while you’re here. With Easy Access, you can bookmark your tools, links and plans all in one convenient and secure place.

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