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Hi, friend! We’re so glad you found the Social Health Connector survey. We want you to know that everyone feels lonely sometimes. While being alone isn’t always a bad thing, feeling like you belong somewhere is an important part of your health and wellbeing.

This survey helps you think about the social connections that are right for you and what’s going on in your life right now. After you complete the survey, you’ll receive a customized Social Connection Plan. You can print, download, or save it. Your Plan will list some things that are providing social support and other things you can focus on for improvement. Virginia residents will see a list of community resources in your area, curated just for you. Further reading and connection options will follow, too.

Remember, the more you tell us in your confidential survey answers, the more helpful your results will be.
If you haven’t already, you may create a profile on this website to save and return to your results. You can also save resources you like from around the site and come back to them later.

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