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Designed With You In Mind

This tool guides you to reflect and think about the social connections that are right for you.

Answer simple questions and you will receive your own Social Connection Plan.

Your Plan will list some things that are providing social support and other things you can focus on for improvement.

If you live in Virginia, you will also see a personalized list of community resources in your area.

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Social Health Connector is part of No Wrong Door Virginia—a statewide system connecting communities, providing person-centered training, and sharing self-driven tools for individuals to evaluate options and make informed decisions. 

You can find more tools, explore your community, and learn more about No Wrong Door Virginia on the Easy Access website. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Feelings of social connectedness and the quality of our relationships can impact both mental and physical health. In fact, the Harvard Study of Adult Development shows the greatest indicator of happiness in a person’s life is the quality of their relationships—more than other indicators like fame or wealth. The study also shows how people with strong social support experience less mental deterioration as they age.  

Social Health Connector begins by asking confidential questions about your social connections and preferences. After you submit your questions, you will receive a personalized Social Health Connection Plan that answers four key questions:

  1. What is social connection and why does it matter?
  2. What are my unique considerations?
  3. Where can I find help near me? (Virginia residents only)
  4. Where can I find further information?

Social Health Connector is and will always be confidential.  

In 2020, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) announced the MENTAL Health Innovation Challenge to find innovative solutions to combat loneliness and social isolation for older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, and people living in facilities and group homes.

In 2021, the ACL announced No Wrong Door Virginia as a winner of the of the MENTAL Health Innovation Challenge, alongside United Way Worldwide.

Since then, our team has worked hard to bring the prototype to reality, considering the best technology, language, research, and design. 

No Wrong Door Virginia’s statewide system is built on the belief that people are the experts in their own lives. As a result, we created an assessment to guide individuals through a personal reflection of their own social health. Our questions are evidence-based and adheres to the highest academic standards, but are also purposefully delivered in simple, person-centered language. 

Partners at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) completed a literature review to identify an assessment with the greatest validity and reliability. The Social Health Connector questionnaire uses Holt-Lunstad’s 2018 typology of social connection, including: 

  • Structural attributes of social connection
  • Functional attributes of social connection
  • Quality attributes of social connection
  • Values and preferences
  • Demographics

The team at VCU provided further guidance in questionnaire development to ensure validity and reliability.

Security and confidentiality are top priorities for all the tools that make up No Wrong Door Virginia’s statewide system. With our partners at Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) and Tyler Technologies, we've taken these steps to ensure users' data is secure:

  • Users are not required to enter in their name or email address to complete the survey. Only those who opt into email services or notifications will receive additional contact from No Wrong Door Virginia.
  • Survey responses are used solely to assess social connection needs and generate helpful local resources and are not shared or sold for other purposes.
  • Easy Access, the website where Virginian’s can find the Social Health Connector and other No Wrong Door tools, is a secure website of the Commonwealth of Virginia:
  • All communication is handled over a secure channel with a publicly trusted SSL Certificate. This protects your information two-fold: input into the Social Health Connector survey is protected, and the Personalized Plan that comes from your survey is secure to you.
  • The site uses enterprise data standards and information technology security requirements specified by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA). 

No Wrong Door Virginia will never ask for passwords, financial information, or Social Security information by email or phone.